Carpet Cleaning

We offer an extensive range of carpet shampooing services planned to suit your office or residential cleaning needs. We deliver the highest quality carpet shampooing and cleaning.

Daily vacuuming is an important cleaning activity, to remove all dusts and dirts. But a deep extraction cleaning must be performed to remove really stubborn stains or embedded soil. Most carpet manufacturers would recommend that carpets must be dry- or wet-extraction cleaned, or, at least, use a cleaning method recommended by them to maintain warranty.

Professional Carpet Cleaning becomes an Absolute Must if you have:

  • Active kids who run around spilling things and creating a mess on your carpet.
  • Pets who cannot understand that they are sitting on your carpet and answer their call to nature right there on your carpet/rug.
  • Loads of frequent guests coming in to your house(especially the ones who don’t remove outside footwear before stepping on your carpet).
  • Not done a professional carpet cleaning in a while and therefore your carpet looks less like a carpet but more like a dirty old mat.
  • To maintain your expensive carpets in brand-new condition and protect them from being corroded and eaten by mites and dust.

Carpets in general regardless its fiber should receive regular deep carpet cleaning to maintain its look and keep its peak condition. Now, there are two (2) basic methods used by carpet cleaners like us:

Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction) Method

This method is widely recommended by carpet manufacturers and carpet fiber producers when carpet cleaning. It is also classified as “deep cleaning” because it is capable of removing soil deep in the carpeting or removing really heavy stains. Also, the advantage of this process is that it has ability to flush out large amounts of it.

Carpet Dry Cleaning (Bonnet) Method

Dry Cleaning or Bonnet cleaning is a carpet cleaning method that is misted onto the carpet in the form of a spray. Next, a circular rotating buffer with an absorbent pad attached is run over the carpet where the soil dirts attaches itself. The advantage of the Bonnet method is that the drying process is very quick.

Our Carpet cleaning service offers the following:

1.       We use best chemical to clean the carpet

2.       We won’t damage the cloth.

3.       We have best high power machine to clean the carpet.

4.       We give best price to our customer.

5.       Best price in market.

6.       Work will be accomplish immediately.

For your guidance you can use our residential carpet cleaning chart to determine how frequent you should clean your carpets.

Traffic Soil Rating

Self Cleaning / Vacuuming

Professional Cleaning

Light Soil

1x per week

2 years or per manufacturer’s warranty

Normal Soil
(families with children, elderly)

2-4x per week

Semi-annually (2x a year)

Extreme Conditions
(large families, multiple pets)


Quarterly(4x a year)

When you don’t clean your carpets on regular intervals then you have to replace it, which increase the cost for you. So after using our carpet cleaning services life of your carpet extends.

Our professional cleaners recommend us to update the carpet cleaning sercies equipments to get better results and good services to our clients. We make every effort to all these carpet shampooing and cleaning services are done systematically and to make happy our clients.