Commercial Services

Having worked within the retail sector for many years, we see ourselves as a specialist provider of cleaning service in Dubai to both shops & large department stores.
We know well what a competitive market place you operate in and have a list of services you can select. Allowing your company to maintain its image whilst remaining competitive in your field
On our initial visit you will be asked what your needs entail and together with you we will create a suitable specification and scope of work for our staff to follow the job. 
We strictly monitor your Department store and shop cleaning with regular quality audits and should it be discovered your needs have changed your specification can be adjusted accordingly. Ensuring we always meet your requirements. 
Our services include office, shop, department store, shopping malls, residential buildings and school cleaning.
When max emirates with you there is a very noticeable difference in your satisfaction, because we customize our services according to the timely needs of your business. This is one of the reason, why we have gained the reputation among our clients, for providing commercial cleaning services in Dubai.
Also max emirates have gained the trust among clients because of our professional, reliable staff and specialized cleaning methods, and overall by providing first rate office cleaning services in Dubai.

Why select us
Max Emirates best Cleaning Company

  • We give you the best rate for your quality service requirements
  • Respect your company privacy and security
  • Excellent Guaranteed service delivery
  • Fully trained, professional and polite staff
  • Flexible with your company timings
  • Treat your company and company belongings with care and respect
  • Special supports at your company events and celebrations
  • Special discounts for regular clients
  • Friendly customer service

What we do extra

  • Without extra charges for the time we Shop for our regular customer company’s cleaning chemicals and equipment needs using our company time
  • Free room sprays from our company
  • Free survey for our clients, cleaning service requirements

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Cleaning is the action of making something clean, especially

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Cleaning is the action of making something clean, especially

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Cleaning is the action of making something clean, especially