MAXSYS seeks to provide a Cleaning Service that always ensures the clients’ satisfaction with respect to all contractual requirements. This is achieved by the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System throughout the Organization.  

MAXSYS recognizes that it is essential for the company’s long-term success and prosperity that we maintain an excellent name for quality. The Company’s management recognizes that the market requires quality, irrespective of the price factor to maintain the quality service.

The project Departments are instructed to utilize materials that are certified by the food & Environmental Centre – Abu Dhabi Municipality, in order to reach up to the quality and safety standards.  

MAXSYS Cleaning Services are bound to provide quality workmanship by committed and trained personnel. The company strives to maintain consistently high level of cleaning services as we designed to achieve our stated aims of outstanding customer service, continual improvements and reliability duration of contract.

Cleaning is an art or science and every employee need to equip with basic training before they step on the field. We trained our staff based on the various standards of our clients, aside from their basic training. We continuously teach them for new ideas and gather information and feedback to help them develop their strength and confidence in performing their responsibilities.

The management of MAXSYS has defined an effective Quality system which meets the requirement of ISO 9002:1994 and the company’s Quality Policy. The structure of the documented quality system includes the following:  


Quality Assurance Manual that includes the policies of MAXSYS which cover the requirements of the ISO 9002:1994 and makes a reference to the quality system procedure. This manual also includes a brief description of the responsibilities and duties of the managerial positions in the company.


Company Procedures Manual that includes the quality system procedures, which are implemented by MAXSYS. The quality system procedures make reference to work instructions, quality plans and third party documents (as required) and clearly identify the responsibilities and authorities in the company.


Work instructions, Third Party documents and Quality Plans that define how the servicing activities are performed and inspected. The equality plans identify the responsibilities foe inspection and approval of activities as well as the records used as an evidence of inspection.


Records that demonstrate the conformance to specified requirements and the effectiveness of the quality system.

The management of MAXSYS has established sufficient controls to ensure that documented quality system is effectively implemented.